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globalsouth Pensar al Sur - The essay in Spanish circulates among colleagues and centers of the newly created Latin American network of critical southern thinking, in order to discuss the territorial, political and epistemological status of the "global South"
Kay Abude, Piecework, 2014 Steel, MDF, timber, plywood, fluorescent lights, chairs, cardboard, paper, plaster, silicone rubber, paint, brushes, various modeling tools and steel utensils, latex gloves, cotton and nylon rags, cotton velvet, silk, rayon braided cord and workers. Dimensions variable Kay Abude’s Piecework reveals the labour of capital - Melbourne artist Kay Abude's latest performance 'Piecework' opens up a gallery space to a production process that shows labour as the origin of wealth.
image.png Hobart report: Thinking through flotsam - The Hobart South Ways roundtable brought to artists and writers to consider what makes Tasmania 'south'. Their discussion resulted in a proposed Museum of Southern Memory, that would allow stories discarded by development to be re-lived.
Photo: Gary Warner (adapted) Paradise is here: Dreams of the inner-west - From the Sydney suburb of Marrickville, a group of southern thinkers develop the notion of a locally distributed biennale.
unnamed (1) History under fire - Therese Keogh's alchemic art traces the hidden materiality of history.
Ceri Hann 'Paradigm Shift' hermeneutic object Who makes it? A credit crunch for creative labour - Southern thinkers in Melbourne consider a Wikileaks platform for visual art as a way of countering commodification of art.
2014-02-028 Wellington roundtable: Giving art away - Māori, Pākeha and guest thinkers consider the concept of koha (gift) as a model for presenting art. The result is a festival the provides a sustainable platform for art as social practice.
Rev. Dr. William Barber and Kane from the Sacrificial Poets A Punkspat: The Geo-politics of the New South Ripple - The South in our discussion mainly relates to lands in the southern hemisphere.... I however wonder if we should include the important influence from the American deep south
Convicts_at_Botany_Bay Is art beyond borders? - The call to boycott the Sydney Biennale has brought up larger questions about the governance of border control in Australia.
image The truth about the resignation of Benedict XVI - One wonders if Esteban Bedoya has some secret hot-line into the Vatican. When he published The Apocalypse According to Benedict in 2008 it seemed an audacious fantasy that Pope Benedict XVI, AKA. Joseph Ratzinger, would ever retire from this highest of worldly offices. Popes don’t retire: they assume the Papal throne at an advanced age […]


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